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Welcome to Big World Central. October 24, 2009

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Welcome to Big World Central.  We will bring fair & balanced news with a good debate.  We will be posting commentary of the news and we will post movie or book reviews every so often.  Basically we will be posting on anything in the news.  We will be fair to discussion and commentary on posted topics and we will not post something without something to back it up.  We hope you enjoy the blog and the articles that will be coming soon.

We also have a twitter, where you can find hour to hour updates on the news, and the current news with Big World Central.  Here’s the Twitter –


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns drop us a comment.


-Big World Central



1. insider53 - October 25, 2009

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

2. LyNnDs - October 25, 2009

hey, thanks for the comments!! Hope to hear more news from u!!

3. Chiccarina Kerukaspari - November 3, 2009

Appreciate the encouraging comment! The articles you’ve posted are interesting stuff, especially about the girl with the “mermaid syndrome.” Looking forward for more on your blog~

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