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Defrauding the current Government Run System – Medicare October 27, 2009

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An interesting expose ran on CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday.  It showed how easy it was for people to defraud our current Government run health system called Medicare and Medicaid.  One brazen person reported how he would set up an “office” with someone to answer the phone, submit the fraudulent billing, and wait for the money to roll in, courtesy of the U.S. Government.  He would change locations and “companies” every 90 days or so but he claims to have net millions of dollars from the system.

http://tinyurl.com/yfth5je  (courtesy of CBS and Breitbart.tv)

Now that provokes discussion and observations – Can the Government effectively run a Healthcare System when the one that they currently run is so easily defrauded by scam artists?  What is your opinion???



1. vida luminosa - October 27, 2009

Your question is very important and I suspect only time will provide your country with answers. However, rather than re-invent the wheel, the USA can look at other models of health care provision and learn from the mistakes of other countries. Maybe it’s not necessary to change your system but make improvements to your current system to help the millions of people it is failing.

I do believe that the UK had a well managed and effective health care system albeit thirty or forty years ago. The UK has suffered from a slow but deliberate plan of privatization of their health care system. Significant numbers of hospitals have been closed, bed-spaces reduced, out patient services reduced or closed, Matrons replaced with incompetent managers. So, their system is broke too, open to abuse, rampant with MRSA virus … despite what you may hear.


Vida Luminosa

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