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Coyotes Kill Musician Taylor Mitchell in Canadian Park October 29, 2009

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19-year-old Taylor Mitchell, an up and coming Canadian folk and country singer was killed after being attacked by coyotes while hiking in a park.  Apparently Ms. Mitchell was hiking alone when she was attacked by two coyotes.  Other hikers in the area heard her screams and summoned rescuers who arrived quickly; they wounded one coyote but both ran away.  Ms. Mitchell was immediately air-lifted for emergency treatment but she did not survive her injuries.  Biologists believe that this was an isolated attack and they explain that coyotes are usually shy.  RIP – Taylor Mitchell. 

Taylor Mitcehll


Coyotes Kill Musician Taylor Mitchell in Canadian Park (AP News Service via Aol.com)

Have you ever encountered a wild animal while hiking, fishing, etc.  If you have then tell us about it.



1. eskillian - October 30, 2009

That is awful. It’s very, very rare you hear of a fatal coyote attack. I bookmarked your blog btw!

2. davecandoit - October 30, 2009

Boy what a sad thing to happen to such a talented and beautiful young lady.

3. Samantha K - October 31, 2009

Taylor Mitchell had a lot of talent as well as promise to be successful, a charming style; may she RIP

4. pianist93 - November 1, 2009

God…. she was so talented and young….

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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