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Health Care – Is the Democrats Health Reform good for the U.S? October 31, 2009

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After months and months have planning, finalizing, and putting a Health Care Reform bill together the Democrats finally release their Health Care Bill early Thursday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in her speech “This is what the American people want”, but is THIS what American people really want?  Many questions have popped up and already not so many ‘good’ things are coming out in this Bill according to Republicans who are planning to make their own version of the bill and propose it on the House floor.

What good things are in this Bill …

This covers most, if not all, Americans. Most people think people should be covered (though they pretty much already are) and this is one of the things that the Democrats wanted. Though, it has been watered down a bit due to the uproar in July-August, which has caused some Liberals to dislike the Bill, according to some news networks. This bill requires you by 2013 to sign onto an employer plan, a government plan, or get your own insurance, if you don’t there will be penalties.

Now as you look, other government run plans (Canada, United Kingdom) already have a Public option or something similar to what the Democrats proposed but the opponents say it won’t work. Looking back on how Canada and the United Kingdom’s Government Run Health Care has worked out – it hasn’t gone well. There are long waits for services that we currently have access to rather quickly.  In those plans it sometimes takes nearly a year to get a hip replacement and some time to get cancer treatment. We’ve seen data showing that it takes nearly 3 months in Canada to see your primary physician.  Changing from a system where care is quickly distributed to one that requires a waiting period will cause a problem for the United States and we can see why people aren’t very happy with a Government Run Health Care Bill.

Things that people aren’t very happy about …

a) A 5.0%+ excise tax on people making 1,000,000 dollars if filing joint and on people who are single making 500,000 dollars a year. While many people may argue that those with that income won’t miss an additional 5.0% tax we must remember that those people, especially the ones with small businesses, use their income to create jobs and grow their businesses. Such a tax may stifle job growth and spending in a time when the looming recession still hangs over the heads of many Americans. Remember those business owners make nearly 90% of the U.S jobs, but I guess that doesn’t matter to those that believe that a 5.0% tax will have no impact.

b) Raising Taxes on Middle Class Families. It’s evident that they’re going to do it and it can’t be avoided; at least from our view. They can’t just cut Medicare & Medicaid and expect that those cuts will fund just under the 1 trillion-dollar bill. Some type of tax increase is inevitable and it is likely that such language is hidden in the 1,990 page bill. Keeping the status quo is unlikely.

c)  Then there are the so-called “Death Panels”. There were reports that Death Panels somehow made it back into the bill.  After a summer of boisterous senior citizens voicing their views at Town Hall Meeting any mention of “Death Panels” or rationed care is a bold step by these legislators.  

d) Illegal immigrants getting insurance. Illegal Immigrants are not required to have insurance according to the Bill, but can get insurance if needed. This, by the way, is identical to the current system in place. The President promised us during his speech before congress in early September that Illegal Immigrants wouldn’t have health insurance under the bill. Remember the Joe Wilson “you lie” fiasco? Well, apparently the President either lied, misspoke, or was misinformed.

Looking at the Bill and what reports have come out (and no, we haven’t read the Bill) this Bill won’t fit what Health Reform really needs. One important need that is not part of the Bill is medical malpractice reform, the ability to buy insurance across state lines, and lower costs – none are in the Bill. Reflecting on the Canadian and English systems, this Bill has many of the same attributes that those other failing Health Care Systems have.

Pelosi’s Bill needs 218 votes (the magic number) to get passed onto the Senate. Many conservative democrats have already voiced their concern about the Bill and, not unexpected, the Republicans have voiced their disgust of the Bill. The House will vote on Pelosi’s Bill on Friday, November 4th. We will be sure to bring you an update.

What is your opinion on this? Do you like where this reform is heading (if you live in the U.S.)? Please, please comment if you agree or disagree, we love for you to voice your concerns.

Credit to Foxnews and other sources for the Information



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