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Bill Clinton Gets His Own Statue November 1, 2009

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Thousands of ethnic Albanians dared low temperatures and a bitter wind in Kosovo’s capital Pristina to greet former President Bill Clinton on Sunday as he appeared at the unveiling of an 11-foot statue of himself on a key boulevard that also bears his name. Clinton is thought of as a hero by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority for launching NATO’s bombing campaign against Yugoslavia in the year 1999 that put an end to the brutal Serb forces’ crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians. Many waved American, Albanian and Kosovo flags and recited “USA!” as the retired president escalated on top of a podium with his own poster in the background saying “Kosovo honors a hero.” Some glanced out of balconies and leaned on window sills to get an even better view of Clinton from their apartment blocks. The statue is distributed on top of a white-tiled base, in the center of an insignificant square, outlined by communist-era buildings.

Clinton also discussed Kosovo’s 120-seat assembly, strengthening them to reprieve and move on from the assault of the past. The statue portrays Clinton with his left arm held high and grasping a portfolio bearing his name and the date when NATO began bombing Yugoslavia, on March. 24, 1999. A supposed 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed during the Kosovo crackdown and about 800,000 were forced out of their own homes. They returned home after NATO-led peacekeepers moved in following 78 straight days of bombing. Want to read more about this story? Click here.

I think this is a very interesting story. It’s good that the ethnic Albanians look at Bill Clinton as a hero now. What do you think about this? We would love to hear your opinions, comments, and statements.

Credit to Foxnews for the information and the photo.



1. rashmanly - November 1, 2009

That is so funny!
The stature is almost
as big as Bill’s ego!

Wonderful blog,
keep up the great work!

Rash Manly

2. jsolovely - November 2, 2009

You have such a great blog! This is hilarious!! ♥Lovely

3. sunshin3girl - November 3, 2009

I thought statues were supposed to be put up posthumously?

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