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Prepare for War With Colombia November 9, 2009

Posted by bigworldcentral in World News.


President Hugo Chavez on Sunday instructed Venezuela’s military to adjust for a possible armed conflict with Colombia, saying his country’s soldiers should be prepared if the United States tries to generate a war between the South American neighbors. Chavez said Venezuela could end up going to war with Colombia as tensions between them rise, and he addressed that if a conflict broke out “it could extend throughout the whole continent.” There was no sudden reaction from either the Colombian or U.S. government, but in the past they have rejected intentions to start a war with Venezuela and said the base deal is needed to fight the war on drugs and insurgents in Colombia, which is a major cocaine producer having trouble with a decades-old internal conflict.

Four men on motorcycles shot and killed two Venezuelan National Guard troops at a checkpoint close to the border in Venezuela’s western Tachira state last week, prompting Chavez’s government to temporarily close some border crossings. And last month, Venezuelan authorities arrested at least 10 people in Tachira alleging involvement in paramilitary groups. The bullet-ridden bodies of 11 men, nine of them Colombians, were also discovered last month in Tachira after being kidnapped from a soccer field.

Elsa Cardoso, a professor of international relations at the Central University of Venezuela, advised that Chavez’s heated rhetoric — coupled with the recent military deployments — are directed at turning the public’s attention away from pressing domestic problems ranging from rampant crime to electricity and water rationing. Rest of the story.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. If you have any comments/statements, please share them with us. We would love to hear what you’ve gotta say!

Credit to Foxnews for info. and the photo.



1. lovebug35 - November 14, 2009

wow.. that’s interesting

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