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Party for the Pandas! November 29, 2009

Posted by bigworldcentral in World News.

Two enormous pandas from China were welcomed to the continent of Australia on Saturday with presents of bamboo and a city celebration before settling into their new home, a 25-acre natural enclosure at the Adelaide Zoo. Four-year-old male Wang Wang and 3-year-old female Fu Ni are on loan to the zoo for 10 years as part of a joint research program, and their return comes amid slightly strained relations between the continents China and Australia. Twelve life-size panda figures lined the runway at the Adelaide airport, where the animals’ flight was met by state Premier Mike Rann and other state and zoo officials holding up a “Welcome” sign and many branches of bamboo. An 18-vehicle convoy of floats then departed the airport for downtown Adelaide, where a large parade through the streets was followed by a party to the public lasting the whole afternoon.

The pandas were given a police escort to the zoo, which built a $7.25 million enclosure that included bamboo plants and refrigerated rocks to keep them as comfortable as possible in Adelaide’s hot summers. Two Chinese handlers traveled with the pandas and will stay with them in Adelaide for a while to help with their adjustment. Rest of the story.

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Credit to Foxnews for the information and the picture.



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