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Brazil’s High Court Delays Ruling on International Custody Battle December 22, 2009

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The chief justice of Brazil’s Supreme Court delayed his ruling in the international custody battle involving a 9-year-old boy whose American father is battling to bring him back to the United States. An official at the Supreme Court stated the ruling by Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes, which was expected to be on Monday, would be made Tuesday. The official, who conceded to talk over the matter only if not quoted by name because she was not authorized to talk about the case, did not give a reason for the delay. David Goldman, the young boy’s father, and Brazil’s attorney general are attempting to apply a lower court order that said the boy should be handed over to his father — despite attempts by a Brazilian stepfather to retain custody.

Goldman says it was to be a two-week vacation, but she stayed and so did the boy. After a while, she obtained a Brazilian divorce from Goldman and remarried. Goldman was already expecting his son’s return under an international treaty that covers cross-border child kidnappings when his former wife passed away last year giving birth to a daughter.

President Barack Obama, the U.S. Congress and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have all endorsed the child’s return, and a U.S. congressman traveled to Rio on Thursday to continue lobbying for Sean’s return. On Thursday, another Supreme Court judge blocked a decision by a federal court earlier in the week ordering the boy be brought back to U.S. authorities within 2 days. Rest of the story.

Credit to Foxnews for the infrmation and the picture.



1. David Scott - December 22, 2009

Thank you for this Article. Fathers’ right to be a meaningful part of their childrens’ lives, have been eroded to the point of non-existence. My research suggests that this is a phenomenon consistent throughout the industrialized nations. Children who are alienated from their fathers are more likely later in life to have emotional/behavioral problems, suffer from depression, drop out of school, fail in their jobs, and suffer from other social problems. I invite you to visit my site devoted to raising awareness on this growing problem: http://fathersprivilege.blogspot.com/

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