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The ‘System Failed’ December 29, 2009

Posted by bigworldcentral in Breaking News, USA News, World News.

Where the terrorist had the bomb.

A few days after the attempted terrorist attack, the director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano acknowledged that the system failed from keeping the terrorist off the plane. Days before saying that the system did work. The man carried the device in his underwear passed two security check points before boarding the plane that was going to Detroit, Michigan. He was not on the ‘no fly’ list, but was in a database pointing him towards terrorist ties. Napolitano told Fox News quote “Here, clearly, something went wrong. We want to fix that problem,”.  And a huge problem this is, and a problem we see in the future for security of the United States. Luckily, there was a malfunction in the device called ‘PETN’ which may have saved 278 passengers and the Northwest Crew’s lives. The suspect was released and sent to a jail outside the city of Detroit.

Hopefully this will not happened again. The government needs to stiffen up security and continue to find these terrorists and keep them out the U.S.



1. Longshot - December 30, 2009

No he wasn’t on a NO FLY LIST. And WHY NOT???

Hell if authorities considered him to be a threat enough to have him on a WATCH LIST. Why aren’t the Watch List individuals automatically on the NO FLY List? Give me a break here.

Simple and Plain COMMON SENSE.

Obviously no one watching the individuals on the WATCH LIST.

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