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Airline Bomb Suspect Reportedly Groomed While a Student in London December 30, 2009

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The Christmas Day airline bomb plot suspect arranged a meeting under the banner “War on Terror Week” as he engaged himself in radical politics while a student in London. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, a former president of the Islamic Society at University College London, advertised speakers including political figures, human rights lawyers and former Guantanamo detainees.

Security sources are disappointed that the picture appearing of his undergraduate years advises that he was recruited by Al Qaeda in London. Security sources said that Islamist radicalization was rife on university campuses, especially in London, and that college authorities had “a patchy record in facing up to the problem.” Previous anti-terrorist inquiries have discovered evidence of extremists using political meetings and religious study circles to classify potential recruits.

It appeared Tuesday night that Abdulmutallab featured on the periphery of one counterterrorism intelligence operation in Britain. U.S. intelligence authorities are also looking at discussions between him and at least one Al Qaeda member.

He is suprisingly the fourth president of a London student Islamic society to face terrorist charges in just three years. One is facing a retrial on charges that he was part of the 2006 liquid bomb plot to blow up airliners. Two others have been convicted of terrorist offences since 2007.

Abdulmutallab left UCL last year. The Times reported that his venture to renew his student visa in May this year was based on an application to study “life coaching” at a non-existent college. That visa refusal may have saved Britain from an attack. His terrorist training took a new turn in August when he moved to the country of Yemen, ostensibly to study Arabic, and was schooled by Al Qaeda there.

Tuesday, the U.S. put the underwear he wore on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day on display. Explosives had been sewn into them. As the plane approached Detroit the material ignited, shooting 6-foot flames up the cabin wall. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has alleged the attack, said that the device deteriorated because of a “faulty detonator.” Rest of the story.

Credit to Foxnews for the information and the picture.



1. beyondtheendoftheroad - December 30, 2009

Not only was Umar on a terrorist watch list, his father had informed authorities that he had “Extreme Islamic Views” and should be considered “Dangerous” to himself and others. Incredibly he was not moved to the “No Fly” list. Again by a stroke of luck, in a faulty detonator, we are not mourning the loss of lives.

Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier. Will add you to my blogroll.

2. A_wandering_mind - December 31, 2009

What should be disturbing to the British government, imo, is that he was recruited by al quaeda in LONDON. That much is the influence of al quaeda

3. tophatal - January 17, 2010

A wandering mind

Falsehoods all round . The initial recruiting was in Yemen as he’d been there on several occasion prior.

Alan Parkins

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