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Scott Brown to make Historic Upset in Northeast January 16, 2010

Posted by bigworldcentral in Elections, Politics, USA News.

As people are ready to vote Scott Brown now leads the Democrat attorney general for Ted Kennedy’s seat, a poll released just shows. Bill Clinton & and John Kerry (D) are backing their leftist colleague, but conservative shows are supporting Scott Brown. That support may lead to a victory for Scott Brown (R), many believe. Many believe this due to the fact how this current congress is spending us into a huge amount a debt and act like it’s no big deal. The people will show congress what is really coming up ahead in 2010. Obama was supposed to go out to Massachusetts and campaign for the attorney general, but decided not to go, the White House pointed out.

Scott Brown currently is set to win, earning about 1 million dollars a day compared to the Democrat Martha Coakley  who is making far shorter than that.

I think this shows how the people are angry with Congress and the Obama administration, it reflects a lot more than the elections in November reflected. What are your views? Who do you think will win? Comment below.   Ted Kennedy has held this seat for a very a long time, and a Republican coming in and taking it away – is a huge deal.



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