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About Big World Central

Est. 2009

Est. 2009

Last updated 12/14/09

Big World Central was made by 2 people that like to write, debate, and discuss the news. We are based in the United States. These two individuals thought bringing the news in a fair and debated way – would be the right way to go. These two people have been blogging for two years now and decided to open up Big World Central. Big World Central will be bringing well detailed news through the blog – and hour to hour news and Breaking News on the Twitter. Now more than 1,250 visitors have came filing through the blog since late October.

If you have and concerns, feedback, love or hate mail please drop us a comment on this page, or anywhere if you like.

We hope you like our articles, and come on here from time to time.

-Big World Central



1. BJ Halliday Crawley - October 25, 2009

Hello, I love your Idea-blog. Do you do commentary posts? You should do a series on or comment on the White House and Fox news, and the debate about what is news and what is not…It is such an important issue and perfect for your blog, will stop back! B.

2. Adam Inglis - October 28, 2009

Really like your blog too! keep it up 😉

3. davidbader - October 31, 2009

Thanks for your comment on my blog:
I really love yours!

4. rashmanly - November 1, 2009

This blog rocks,
please keep it up!

Rash Manly

5. mafuzaharis - November 4, 2009

one word: compact. i like it :)!

6. marcyac - November 13, 2009

Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours is very good and professional!

7. Monica - November 15, 2009

Glad to find a blog with substance. 🙂

8. punditpawn - November 23, 2009

I added you to my Blogroll. Welcome aboard.


9. inksensei - December 20, 2009

As long as you post true & unbias facts, you’re cool.
Keep it up =)

10. neanderthalpost - December 22, 2009

Keep up the good work, the posts are interesting and informative. Keep them coming!

11. agewa - December 30, 2009

Thanx for commenting my blog http://www.agewa.wordpress.com 🙂
Your blog is also very interesting and will be dropping in from time to time 🙂

Happy New Year!

12. justthegoods - January 1, 2010

Thanks for the invitation to visit your blog =-)

13. weamaldakheel - January 17, 2010

Thank you for your comment and invitation:)
Keep up the good work. Good Luck

14. sheokhanda - January 19, 2010

this is a very good initiative and very informative too 🙂

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