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Father Leaves Brazil With Son After 5-Year Custody Battle December 25, 2009

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A New Jersey man who has been reunited with his 9-year-old son after a 5-year international custody battle says it’s a “new beginning” for the duo, who were returning to the U.S. together on Thursday. Sean Goldman, who was taken by his now-deceased mother to Brazil in 2004, was brought back to his father, David Goldman, on Thursday and the two quickly headed home to spend the holidays in the Uunited States.

“It is now time for our new beginning, the rebirth of our family at such a special time of the year,” Goldman wrote in a letter that was read to reporters by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith after the father and son’s plane took off.

Sean’s appearance at the U.S. consulate earlier Thursday was rambunctious, with his Brazilian relatives passing on U.S. officials’ offer to use a protected entrance to a garage. Instead they parked a block away and walked the boy, wearing a Brazilian Olympics T-shirt, through crowds of reporters, cameramen and security guards. Very violent shoving broke out in front of the consulate’s doors as the boy was spirited inside.

Once inside the consulate, however, Smith said the boy calmed down, ate a hamburger and babbled with his father about basketball and how much snow there might be in New Jersey.

Sean had lived in Brazil since Goldman’s ex-wife, Bruna Bianchi, took him to her native country for what was supposed to be a two-week vacation in 2004. She stayed, divorced Goldman and married someone else, and Goldman began legal efforts to get his son back. Rest of the story.

It’s good to know that the boy and his father re-united and will be spending Christmas together.

Credit to Foxnews for the information and the picture.


Brazil’s High Court Delays Ruling on International Custody Battle December 22, 2009

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The chief justice of Brazil’s Supreme Court delayed his ruling in the international custody battle involving a 9-year-old boy whose American father is battling to bring him back to the United States. An official at the Supreme Court stated the ruling by Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes, which was expected to be on Monday, would be made Tuesday. The official, who conceded to talk over the matter only if not quoted by name because she was not authorized to talk about the case, did not give a reason for the delay. David Goldman, the young boy’s father, and Brazil’s attorney general are attempting to apply a lower court order that said the boy should be handed over to his father — despite attempts by a Brazilian stepfather to retain custody.

Goldman says it was to be a two-week vacation, but she stayed and so did the boy. After a while, she obtained a Brazilian divorce from Goldman and remarried. Goldman was already expecting his son’s return under an international treaty that covers cross-border child kidnappings when his former wife passed away last year giving birth to a daughter.

President Barack Obama, the U.S. Congress and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have all endorsed the child’s return, and a U.S. congressman traveled to Rio on Thursday to continue lobbying for Sean’s return. On Thursday, another Supreme Court judge blocked a decision by a federal court earlier in the week ordering the boy be brought back to U.S. authorities within 2 days. Rest of the story.

Credit to Foxnews for the infrmation and the picture.

Witness: NFL WR Chris Henry Death Maybe a Sucide December 20, 2009

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A day after Chris Henry’s  unexpected death, a witness at the scene during the time of his injury has said that he threatened to commit suicide before he had the major accident, according to a source. Chris Henry, 26, made verbal threats that he was going to kill him self, and this might of been the so-called domestic dispute. The witness, Lee Hardy, who said he witnessed the incident has said positivity that Henry said ‘if you pull out and go out and go down the road I’m going to jump out from the truck and kill myself’,’ Hardy told a local news station. Once after Henry fell off the truck, there were tons of screams has people called 911 to get him to a hospital. He died at 6:36 AM est.

Henry was beginning to turn his life around. He was getting help from his teammates and coaches after being arrested 4 times before. Between his arrests, he showed great flashes to become a great deep threat in the NFL. He was moving towards becoming an elite receiver, but this death was extremely bad for the team. Before each and every NFL game this weekend, there will be a moment of silence. The Bengals will wear his number on their helmets for the rest of the 2009-2010 season. Henry leaves behind 3 sons.

The Economy – Is it or isn’t it getting better? December 14, 2009

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Even President Obama’s economic advisors and White House staff can’t seem to agree.  While top White House economic advisor Larry Summers says that key indicators show that the economy is expanding, others seemingly disagree.  In fact, on Thursday Tim Geithner said that the TARP program could face “big financial losses” and just today the Senate sent yet another $1.1 billion stimulus package to Obama’s desk.  Why would a country with an expanding economy require yet another stimulus package?  We expect that the funds from the newest package, the one President Obama is sure to sign, will become as uncollectible and wrought with fraud as the others leaving our country in yet more economic dire straights.  By the way, the more than 1,000 page stimulus bill was finished and delivered to lawmakers late in the week and voted on this morning – do you think that anyone read the entire bill?

What do you think?  How are you doing economically?  In your area are things improving?  We at Big World Central would like to know of positive (and negative) signs of economic recovery.

http://tinyurl.com/ydvgtk4  (Article citing Summers)

http://tinyurl.com/y9zvne2  (Article citing Geithner)

http://tinyurl.com/yds7kdw  (Article citing $1.1 Billion Stimulus Package)

United Airlines Flight 227 – A dry run? December 12, 2009

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Have you heard?  Did you know?  Did the mainstream media report this?

On Wednesday, December 9th, a United Airlines flight from Denver to Los Angeles was interrupted by a group of men who were acting strangely.  Apparently, the flight crew felt uncomfortable with a group of travelers who appeared to be of middle eastern descent.  Airline personnel are trained to recognize signs such as the way a ticket is paid for, whether the flight is one-way, how a group will seat themselves on the plane, and how they get up to use the restroom.  After the group was removed from the plane a bomb-sniffing dog was brought in.  Passengers say that they never have seen a flight crew “so scared” in their lives.  This incident was strikingly similar to another incident that happened on November 17th on AirTran flight 297.  It is not unusual for terrorists to participate in “dry runs” before an attack to measure and test reactions and security.  Might this be a prelude to what may be coming?



Bah Humbug! Christmas Trees Axed From Copenhagen Conference December 7, 2009

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Attendantss at Copenhagen’s global climate summit will be meeting during the holiday season, but they will not be encompassed by festive Christmas decorations. 

Since Christmas is a religious holiday, it has no place at a United Nations event. A sponsor providing fir trees for the conference’s Christmas trees learned this the hard way when it was rejected by planners of the international event. The trees, usually used as Christmas trees in Denmark, were supposed to be placed outside the Bella Center, where the 11-day conference will be held from Dec. 7 — Dec. 18. “We have to remember that this is a U.N. conference and, as the middle then becomes U.N. territory, there can be no Christmas trees in the decor, because the U.N. wishes to achieve neutrality,” said Denmark Foreign Ministry official Svend Olling. Fir trees otherwise reach the climate-friendly standards of the conference designers. Firs bind carbon dioxide and stop its release into the atmosphere.

Share your opinions on this with us!

Credit to Foxnews for the information and picture.

Russian Nightclub Explosion; kills over 100 December 6, 2009

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A nightclub explosion kills over 100 and leaves 130 critically hurt. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday demanded the “fire code” policy to be more heavily enforced. He also called for Monday to be a day of mourning. The fire was started after the careless nightclub owners didn’t listen to authorities about the fire hazard that they were trying to produce; they started the fire. Many people were trampled, as everyone went for one exit. There were two exits, but the owners didn’t tell anyone about the second exit. The owners were fined twice previously for similar offences but continued their hazardous activity.

Amatuer video shows that the fire quickly spread as it burned the roof. This created panic, which led to so many deaths.

A similar fire started in 2003 in Rhode Island. It had a similar effect, burning the roof and creating panic between the people. That nightclub fire killed 100 people.

Big World Central sends its condolences to the families involved.  We think that there needs to be a stricter inspection policy in nightclubs all over the world so it prevents this from happening .

Not A ‘Damn Thing’ Israel Can Do to Stop Nuclear Program December 3, 2009

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that there isn’t a “damn thing” Israel can do to stop its nuclear program. “The Zionist regime (Israel) and its (western) backers cannot do a damn thing to stop Iran’s nuclear work,” Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech. Iran said Wednesday it’ll build up uranium to a higher level on its own, the latest indication the country was denying a U.N.-backed proposal pointed at thwarting any effort by Tehran to make material for a nuclear weapon.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the remark after showing annoyance with the ongoing negotiations over the proposal that Iran exchange the bulk of its low-enriched uranium for greater enriched fuel rods to be used in a medical research nuclear reactor. “I declare here that with the grace of God, the Iranian nation will produce 20 percent (enriched uranium) fuel and anything it needs itself,” Ahmadinejad told a cheering crowd of thousands in the central city Isfahan. “We told them, give us the 20 percent fuel (in an exchange),” he said. “But then they started adding conditions. So we said, if you want to give us the fuel we’ll take it. If not, then fine and goodbye.”

Though Iran has yet to lodge an official exclusion of the U.N. nuclear watchdog’s request on sending out uranium, the series of defiant comments over the past few days have sent a clear signal that the idea is all but dead. Rest of the story.

So, what do you guys think? Share with us!

Credit to Foxnews.

Party for the Pandas! November 29, 2009

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Two enormous pandas from China were welcomed to the continent of Australia on Saturday with presents of bamboo and a city celebration before settling into their new home, a 25-acre natural enclosure at the Adelaide Zoo. Four-year-old male Wang Wang and 3-year-old female Fu Ni are on loan to the zoo for 10 years as part of a joint research program, and their return comes amid slightly strained relations between the continents China and Australia. Twelve life-size panda figures lined the runway at the Adelaide airport, where the animals’ flight was met by state Premier Mike Rann and other state and zoo officials holding up a “Welcome” sign and many branches of bamboo. An 18-vehicle convoy of floats then departed the airport for downtown Adelaide, where a large parade through the streets was followed by a party to the public lasting the whole afternoon.

The pandas were given a police escort to the zoo, which built a $7.25 million enclosure that included bamboo plants and refrigerated rocks to keep them as comfortable as possible in Adelaide’s hot summers. Two Chinese handlers traveled with the pandas and will stay with them in Adelaide for a while to help with their adjustment. Rest of the story.

Pretty interesting, huh? Share your opinions and or comments with us!

Credit to Foxnews for the information and the picture.

History of the Giving Holiday November 26, 2009

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First and foremost – Big World Central would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope you stay safe, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day for getting together with your family and giving a day of thanks. The holiday ‘Thanksgiving’ is only celebrated in the United States and Canada. Canada’s thanksgiving comes before the United States. The first occurrence of Thanksgiving in the United States happened on Plymouth rock in 1621. The Plymouth celebration was a tradition throughout the 13 colonies. This was a very important holiday for all Americans by the 1800’s. In Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday in October and in the United States it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Here are some interesting facts on Thanksgiving;

a) It was not until 1941 that congress declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday. It was declared to be held on the fourth Thursday in November.

b) The first known thanksgiving feast or festival in North America was celebrated by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and the people he called “Tejas” (members of the Hasinai group of Caddo-speaking Native Americans).

c) Fossil evidence shows that turkeys roamed the Americas 10 million years ago.

d) 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

e) Thomas Jefferson thought the concept of Thanksgiving was “the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard.”

And with that, once again we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are celebrating it. Don’t get too stuffed on the Turkey!